T R Shankar Raman

Scientist, Western Ghats

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I like to imagine that I am a writer turned wildlife scientist turned writer, living in a landscape of rainforests and plantations in the Anamalai hills of southern India. As a wildlife scientist, I focus on the ecology and conservation of tropical forests and wildlife—especially rainforest plants, birds, and mammals—mainly in the Western Ghats. In parallel, I write creative non-fiction and essays on nature and conservation for newspapers, magazines, and blogs, besides occasional book reviews and op-ed or feature articles.

I am also interested in animal welfare and ethics, empathy and aesthetics in humans and other animals, music and poetry, public reasoning, openness in anything from software to knowledge, and human capability and freedom and flourishing, but have done precious little about any of this except for strapping on headphones and tuning out.

I like to read a fair bit and you can see what I am reading here. My blog 'View from Elephant Hills' is on the Coyotes Network. And here is my Wikipedia user page, linked to my Wikimedia Commons photo gallery (works in progress).


Varattuparai 201

Fostering eco-friendly plantations

Linking sustainable agriculture and conservation in plantation landscapes

Gh in flight

Hornbill hotspots

Hornbill distribution and conservation threats


Living with leopards

Carnivore, conflicts, and conservation in the Anamalai hills


Nurturing nature appreciation

Rekindling conservation awareness and connections with nature


Of forests and farms

Conserving wildlife in forests and plantations in the landscape


Otters in troubled waters?

Otters in the Kaveri - sharing space with riverine fisheries and sand mining

Elephant 1

Reviving the rainforest

Ecological restoration of degraded rainforest in the Anamalai hills

Ltm kalyan 1020

Towards wildlife-friendly roads

Studying and reducing impacts of roads on wildlife in the Anamalai hills


Whittled-down woods

Plant communities and invasive species in forest fragments

Aerial jhum landscape

Wildlife and shifting cultivation

Forest, wildlife, jhum, and plantations in the Dampa landscape, Mizoram

Ltm with infant

Wildlife in rainforest fragments

Life in the treetops and undergrowth in rainforest remnants


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