Eastern Himalaya

High Altitudes



Snow leopard field tool kit

Field training tool kit to promote snow leopard conservation

Urial devika

Understanding urial

Factors affecting distribution and abundance of Ladakh urial

Oceans and Coasts

Agatti 20rubble

Coping with catastrophe

Documenting patterns and processes of resilience in the Lakshadweep reefs

Dugong 201 20neil 20island photo vardhan 20patankar

Conserving an extinct species

Tracking changes in dugong populations in the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago

Grouper faceoff

Aggregating groupers

Documenting and protecting spawning aggregations in the Lakshadweep

Western Ghats

Ltm with infant

Wildlife in rainforest fragments

Life in the treetops and undergrowth in rainforest remnants

Gh in flight

Hornbill hotspots

Hornbill distribution and conservation threats


Of forests and farms

Conserving wildlife in forests and plantations in the landscape

Cranes and Wetlands


Arunachal macaque photo by kripaljyoti mazumdar

Monkey of the deep jungle

Ecology and conservation of Macaca munzala

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