High Altitudes


Wild carnivores and people

Understanding human response towards snow leopards and wolves

Oceans and Coasts

Irrawaddy 20breaching


Net Gains

Understanding coexistence between Irrawaddy dolphins and fishers in Chilika

Grouper faceoff

Aggregating groupers

Documenting and protecting spawning aggregations in the Lakshadweep

Western Ghats



Living with leopards

Carnivore, conflicts, and conservation in the Anamalai hills

Cranes and Wetlands



Of Storks In Farmlands

Asian Openbills and Lesser Adjutants feeding in a Nepali SarusScape

Bns sarus


Breeding success in croplands

Understanding limits to Sarus Crane and Black-necked Stork productivity

Other Initiatives

Mosquito evolutionary ecology

Understanding the behaviour and life-history of mosquitos


Arunachal macaque photo by kripaljyoti mazumdar

Monkey of the deep jungle

Ecology and conservation of Macaca munzala

Slf 20at 20yere 20katte

Twenty years with bonnet macaques

Long-term study on the demography and social evolution in wild bonnet macaques

April 6 %2818%29

Primates in fragments

Behavioural ecology of primates in the Upper Brahmaputra Valley of Assam

1. assamese macaque 4

Genes in space and time

Genetic study of the Arunachal and bonnet macaques

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