Tracking hornbill movements and seeds

Hornbill ranging, fruit distribution and implications for seed dispersal

How far do different hornbill species travel in search of fruits? How far do different hornbill species disperse the seeds of their food plants?

To find answers, we aim to tag three large-bodied hornbill species (Great, Wreathed and Rufous-necked) and gather information on their movement patterns 

  • Wreathed Hornbills are thought to move over a much wider range in the non-breeding season. This study would provide insights into the non-breeding ranges of this species

  • This study will allow us to compare hornbill movement patterns during breeding and non-breeding seasons and enhance our understanding of their role in seed dispersal in both seasons

  • This study will aid in our understanding of the role of the rare Rufous-necked Hornbill in seed dispersal

Full story coming soon...!



  • Department of Science & Technology (New Delhi)


  • Journal Article
    Abundance estimates of the Rufous-necked hornbill (Aceros nipalensis), and characterisation of a montane subtropical forest in the Indian Eastern Himalaya. 
    Indian Birds, Vol. 12, 4 & 5 14 November 2016

    PDF, 715 KB

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