Education and Public Engagement

The connection that we as individuals have to Nature arises primarily through first-hand contact with animals and plants; with some kind of wilderness. Can we help make these connections? Once made, can we help nurture and develop them? In this programme, we complement other education work at NCF by engaging children and adults in ecological observation; and by developing, displaying and distributing nature education material.

Citizen Science

Although we know that the natural world is changing rapidly, there is very little information on the details, especially from a country like India, with tremendous biodiversity and relatively little research. One solution is for scientists and interested members of the public to team up to monitor what is happening. Our two primary projects along these lines look at bird distribution & abundance, and at tree seasonality.

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Join us in studying the seasonality of trees!

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Bird Count India

Birdwatchers pooling information for research and conservation

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Monitoring bird migration through public participation

Nature education material

The natural world is wonderfully diverse and varied. How can we convey our affection and fascination with nature to others? Over the years, NCF has developed a variety of material attempting to do this; and we continue to try to design and produce appealing and accurate material of this kind.


Early Bird

Materials and curriculum for introducing children to birds

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NCF's education and outreach material

Collating more than a decade's worth of nature and conservation material

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Nature Activities

Nature Calls activities for children

Writing for a broader audience

Many of us at NCF love to write, and through our writing, to describe our affection for nature. We write blog posts, and articles for newspapers, magazines and more. Our audience in this is varied: the general public, interested citizens, children. Describing what we value and explaining why we value it is as important as our research and conservation work.

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Writing about nature for children

NCF's column in the School edition of The Hindu newspaper

Collaborating with Schools and Teachers

In partnership with schools, teachers, educationists and designers we are creating an age appropriate and locally relevant nature learning framework and modules

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A Nature Learning Framework for Schools

Partnering with schools to develop age & place appropriate nature learning 




  • Popular Article
    Eight-eyed and everywhere
    The Hindu Sunday Magazine, 23 February

    Jostling for column space among reports of new snakes, reptiles and frogs discovered, are a particularly delightful and large group of spiders called jumping spiders. These little arachnids are known for their astonishing array of cognitive abilities and are considered model organisms to study behaviour, as well as answer theoretical questions about communication, foraging, courtship, mating and parental care.

  • Popular Article
    பறவைகளை வடிக்கும் இயற்கை ஓவியர் (Interview with Sivakumar, An artist and birder from The Forest Way, Tiruvannamalai)
    The Hindu Magazine - Pongal Special issue– January 2019. Pp – 130-137

    Jeganathan, P. (2019). Paravaigalai Vadikkum Iyarkai Oviyar (The Hindu link here).

  • Popular Article
    கருவயிற்று ஆலாவின் வாழ்க்கை (Karuvayitru Alavin Vazkkai). (On Black-bellied tern and sand mining in Kaveri river)
    The Hindu Tamil News Daily, Uyirmoochu Supplement. 12th January 2019.

    Jeganathan, P. (2019). Karuvayitru Alavin Vazkkai (On Black-bellied tern and sand mining in Kaveri river). The Hindu Tamil News Daily, Uyirmoochu Supplement. 12th January 2019.Link here.

  • Popular Article
    Leaves us speechless
    The Hindu. In school, 6th January.

    PDF, 11.2 MB

    Jeganathan, P. (2019). Leaves us speechless. The Hindu. In school, 6th January.

  • Popular Article
    பறவைப் பித்தர்கள்  (Crazy birders of Tamil Nadu)
    The Hindu Tamil News Daily, Uyirmoochu Supplement. 16th March 2019.

    Jeganathan, P. (2019). Paravaip Pithargal (on birders of Tamil Nadu). Link here.

  • Popular Article
    Spiders: The weavers and stalkers amongst us
    iWonder Issue 4, Jan 2018

    A piece on spiders for iWonder, an Indian magazine for science middle school teachers. Fun and fascinating facts about spiders to talk and discuss about in the classroom. Lots of activities that teachers can do with students in and outside the class room.

  • Book
    Off to see spiders!
    StoryWeaver by Pratham Books

    Kaveri and Shivi go looking for spiders, along with their friend Shama. A story for young children commissioned and published by Pratham Books', StoryWeaver platform.
    Guest editor: Bijal Vachharajani, Art: Pia Meenakshi

  • Popular Article
    Meet the world’s smallest wild cat
    The Hindu, In school, March 18 2018

    A peek into the life of the rusty-spotted cat, an elusive feline found in the forests of India.

  • Poster
    Birds Around Us

    PDF, 12.5 MB

  • Journal Article
    eBird in Asia: standardised tools for birdwatchers
    Praveen J, Suhel Quader, Scott R. S. Lin, Jo-Szu (Ross) Tsai, Wich'yanan Limparungpatthanakij, Christian Perez, Yeo Yee Ling, David Bakewell, Brian L. Sullivan, Marshall J. Iliff, Ian J. Davies, Christopher L. Wood
    BirdingASIA, 29:105-108

    PDF, 129 KB

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