Muhammed Nizar

Project Associate, Education and Public Engagement

Nizar photo cropped

BSc. Forestry, MSc. Env. Sc

I had been inĀ  a great confusion for several years, watching the phenological changes of some trees in Kerala. The golden shower tree (Cassia fistula)which earlier used to exhibit their beautiful flowers in the months of March- April can now be seen in almost all seasons. This is the state flower of Kerala, and my curiosity about this led me to wonder about similar changes in other plants too.

It gives me great satisfaction working with SeasonWatch, where we are trying to understand how and why such phenological changes are happening. I find it very fulfilling to share views and interact with those who want to do something for protecting nature as well as creating social awareness about it.


Pongamia jmgarg


Join us in studying the seasonality of trees!

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