Malvika Tewari

Consultant, Oceans and Coasts

Img 20170611 145439454

Art & Design Consultant, Diploma in Interdisciplinary Art & Design

My journey of designing for the environment began in the Law, Environment, Design Lab at Srishti. Here, I found myself in a room of environment lawyers, designers, educators and stories of landscapes & communities that needed to be documented and retold. Ever since then, a growing curiosity to unravel more stories about the natural world and people who work closely with it has led me to become a part of the Oceans and Coasts Programme's Outreach efforts in Lakshadweep. Ideally, the artist's role is to traverse through the complexity of the ecosystem, form compelling narratives and present them with inclusivity & empathy so that each person engaging with them is empowered with knowledge and a call to action. With this challenge in mind I use storytelling, play, theater, design thinking and an unending stream of questions to create tools & material for the OCP team to communicate their incredible findings.

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