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board of advisors
1 dr. ajith kumar, director, graduate program in wildlife biology and conservation, national centre for biological sciences, bangalore, india ( homepage )
2 dr. ravi chellam, director, india programme, wildlife conservation society, bangalore, india ( homepage )
3 ms. sunita narain, director, centre for science and environment, new delhi, india ( homepage )
4 prof. mahesh rangarajan, professor of modern indian history, dept. of history, university of delhi, india ( homepage )
5 dr. herbert h. t. prins, professor and chair, the resource ecology group, wageningen university, the netherlands ( homepage )
6 dr. terence j. done, associate, australian institute of marine sciences, queensland, australia ( homepage )
7 mr. a. v. balasubramanian, director, centre for indian knowledge systems, chennai, india ( homepage )
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